Keary Rosen
As You Like ItAs You Like ItAs You Like It
As You Like It
As You Like It is an emerging member of the Human Consciousness Series.

This body of work is a mixture of symbolic juxtapositions and narratives.

I began with digital forms that were either 3D modeled or derived from scans. Those forms were then 3D printed in PLA (PLA or polylactic acid is a corn starch polyester that is food-safe. It is a commonly used filament used in 3D printing). The prints were either refined (using various processes) or left raw. I used some of the prints to make molds and made castings in a variety of materials.

The modeled forms are abstractions and meant to imply biological organisms. These characters are frozen in some state of action and/or response. They contribute to depicting narratives that are specific.

The works that include digital scan/print juxtapositions are composed of objects that are meant to speak to the evolution of humankind.

8” x 7“ x 6”
PLA print, polyurethane resin castings, book

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